Different perspective of Papua New Guinea & its diversity

Growing up in Papua New Guinea is a tremendous gift that can rarely be identified due to the previous generation and their accepted perspective.

Ofcourse, we have 22 provinces and 4 regions with more than 800 plus languages with a diverse cultural community and wisdom that has its own charms. Looking at this island with such diversity can be seen as confusing or rich.

In the realm that the culture is rich: we can look at the food, the dances, the livelihood and ceremonies within each places. You will be surprised with the differences mainly due to geographic separation or isolation as some might put it. The traditional approach of each community is solely based on peace, survival, protection and happiness. If you look closely at this; these are attributes that many people in the world are now seeking.

The richness of our culture is purely based on common knowledge. Its so diverse, it’s customary, its different and so forth. However that maybe true 10years ago or 20 years ago but is it true now? Is the richness still present? Treasured? Practiced? Or are we becomingly theoretical about our cultural?

In terms of Confusion on the diversity is mainly due to marriages and unity of provinces. Previously, people are married within their traditional boundaries; keeping the norms within. However with this generation, interprovincial marriages becomes a diversity explosion. Yes, we would like to keep or maintain our traditions and cultural obligations but to which boundaries. How can we satisfy our boundaries without offending that of our spouses? This can be quite confusing and I would suggest many a times causing misunderstanding.

Balance is the answer to our adversity. However what is a good Balance to Balance?

And my Readers, that is another topic to be discussed about

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