Food: Cooking with love

Food is an art in itself. For years now we have been exposed to different food, preparation methods and flavour explosion. We see cooking shows, published books or simply from the comfort of your grandparents home. The art and passionate that is responsibly and favorably given to food is mind blowing.. If you try to truly understand the combination of flavors and experiment with food, you will probably make a career out of it. But here we will simply talk about simple, home-made PNG food

Growing up in a home with parents from different provinces, I have come to understand and love my culture diversity especially with food. My mother’s relatives would come in with sago and fish while my papa’s relatives would bring taro and fish. The opposing methods of preparing the meals is amazing. And also you can taste the difference between your grandma cooking verses your aunts. The art is so palpable.

Food has the ability to bring families togather on ceremonial days or just on a Sunday afternoon. People are drawn to the occasions or simply catching up with families while having a taste that would reset you for the week. The preparation and the accompanying noise that goes with it brings the diversity magic into the Art of Food.

May we all dive into our culture and uphold the beautiful food and recipes we have. Plus past the food traditions on to our next generation. A people without culture and traditions looses its identity.

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