Pursing Happiness vs Purpose

Pursuit of Happiness vs Purpose “I am on the road of pursing my happiness”. Have you ever heard someone said those words? Or have you said those words? Do you ever achieve this happiness that you seek or is it a never ending journey?

Pursing happiness is a new lifestyle phenomena that has clutched the minds of many people around the world. Putting people on a path of self-discovery or peace depending on what your situation is.

The idea of peace of mind and happiness has been bordering me for a while now; as in what is it? Has anyone achieved this realm of happiness? Or is this a never ending journey for the restless soul?

Personally I believe happiness is a luxury and not a necessity; because it is a concept where you chase to get it. Now living in a world where there are different people with different purposes in life, one cannot be pursing happiness for their entire life, can they?

In this world we have different souls, with different culture, different traditions, different environment and most importantly different forms of responsibility. Some people do not have the sources or time to embark on a journey of self-discovery and happiness; because all they are living for is survival.

I believe in purpose; finding your purpose and using your purpose to better the life of someone else. Creating a different reality for someone who is struggling. The type of struggle where hope is an illusion where it lives only in fairytales and there seems to be no way out of this. And you just create that glimpse of light for that soul; putting hope and smile in their lives. Giving people the power to live another day knowing that there’s good in humanity.

Being an anchor in someone’s life without them asking for it; is a superpower and that is purpose. That is purpose when we teach others that humanity is still beautiful and still evident in a world of pain & sorrow. Be that anchor today!

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