Cruel & Unusually Life

Is this real love or thirsty love?

Remember the moment in your life where you start to develop feelings when a simple “Hi” swings by your way?

The unexpected message of admiration creeps in; creating the hope within the vacuum of self-loving. Making you feel worthy of some attention despite the odds. The type of feelings that causes butterflies and fishiness to live together.

Quite an odd combination aye!

Maybe Butterflies of happiness and hope of a lifelong love; the hallucination of love floats in creating an atmosphere of certainty. The urge of happiness and anticipation of creating the potential craze in your life. It is a beautiful feeling.

However on the other hand; the fishiness of “what’s the worst that could happen?” The knottiness of rejection or the possibilities of being another temporary excitement. Such a heart-rending feeling.

How did we get to a moment where a simple “Hello Beautiful” can bring so much explosion of mixed feelings? No engagement or encounter, just a simple message.

The tardiness of emotional turmoil makes the situation even more complicated for a vulnerable heart. It weathers down the emotional state of a simple soul but it gives promise of a future.

So confusing one might add. So the truth is:

Welcome to the modern world, where chivalry is a thing of movies and love are within the books that we read. “Chivalry is kindna dead but you’re kindna cute!” such a painful statement coming from a hopeless heart with a bold face.

And the truth is, we are all pretenders. Trying to leave the reality behind for something that hopefully changes our reality; blurring out the truth.

The cruelty of the present is heartbreaking but the unusually moments of life brings experiences. Experience that you can share with people to save or motivate them.

Maybe life is not all positive and glamourous like it is in the movies or books; but you got to take the good and the bad, jumble it up like a cake mix and create a badass life.

Welcome to the modern world, where chivalry is a thing of movies and love are within the books that we read.

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I love Travelling, Taking Pictures, observing my environment and Writing about everything

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