The Prospect 🤔

The life that we are living and what we dreamed about needs to be synchronized.

Do you remember growing up and having big ambitions about a certain career? But as you get older, you realized you have drifted away from that dream? Do you have regrets or just excuses for such statements?

Well personally I believe there’s two perspective to such life, one is you have dreamed of becoming someone due to certain influences or expectations in your childhood ,telling you that, its a path of success. It makes you think or believe that you have to attain this to be observed as successful because otherwise you’re not.

Do you ever notice that some parents have forced their children on a certain path? And if you know the parent, you would realized that it was their lost dream that is being imposed on an innocent child.

I truly admire souls, who do not let others determine their dream life. They are their own thinking mind. They do not sync with the influence but influence the sync; creating their own reality.

The other part is changing your prospect on life. Changing that dream into your own dream minus all other influences. Minus the society norms and expectations of success. Making your dream to be something you are proud of and you become an example to others. I would say, breaking this traditional psychological approach of seeing success in certain areas alone

The mind is a very strong yet soft part of a soul. Depends on how you use it obviously. It is strong when you’re determined, full of courage and robust to handle the challenges thrown your way. It is soft though when you allow anything and anyone to influence you and direct you without questioning it.

Whatever you choose to become whether, you’re a doctor, engineer, chef, electrician, cleaner or a house wife. I think as long as its the right thing for you and it makes your stay in this world conducive: go for it. Be the best you can be in your path

Kept your head held high, keep your job, make your dreams are reality and know that the perfect job for you is that one that challenges you to be a better version of yourself.

Know that we are not competing with each other, we are different souls with different reality living in a world that influences us to think this is a competition.

Change your prospects. Be you.

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I love Travelling, Taking Pictures, observing my environment and Writing about everything

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