Tea and Talk 2020

Life isn’t great all the time but the memories are just amazing. Well if you’re looking at it from a positive perspective🤷‍♀️.

2020 has a been a crazy year for me: minus the Covid-19 situation.

It all started off with an almost friendship but ended with a doormat feeling. Life kindna sucks when hopes are dismissed and thrown away because people are mean or confused themselves. Damage people tend to damage things infront of them and I happen to be in his way.

Then Covid-19 had the longer work days and shorter breaks. I got stuck with the very loooong work periods.

Got an awesome break to the West of the country. Had a blast snorkeling, eating amazing food and trekking. plus catching up with my amazing friends that I am forever grateful for😊

The job still sucks the life out of me. The environment was not conducive, people trying to purposely hold you back is a pressure of 10,000kPa but you just smile. Brave it out but inside, I wouldn’t wish this on anybody.

Act like it does not wear you down but inside, you feel like a metal wire being tied around your throat and you’re thrown into the bath tube.
“Way Way forward, young lady!” that’s the only cheering I give to myself.

Then my sister said to have a island getaway. It was nice, talking to my sisters but reality does have a way of telling all the advices you’ve received to fuck off.

But I faced these challenges and I rose above it all: I mean God is good.

Then November 28th 2020, the date that is tattooed on my heart. More like it was craved into my heart. I lost the best and greatest man in my life.

Pain is an understatement and crying is unexplainable. I guess, it was God’s way of telling me that I needed to grow without my support system. That true growth happens when Your Heart is breaking, Your World is spining on its reverse and Your Mind blanks out.

I cry everyday now: not those sad tears but those happy memories flashing tears. Cold Chisel, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Lionel Richie and 3 Doors Down have a way of being a reminder that he was the greatest ever.

Lessons in Life are a fantastic experience that drives the sanity out but let’s the emotions in. I wouldn’t change anything about 2020 but I do miss my papa but I know He is having a blast, making heaven more Beautiful than ever.

“Way way forward young lady” 2021 is a year of blessings and Love.

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I love Travelling, Taking Pictures, observing my environment and Writing about everything

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