Caffeinated as Fuck

The brewed aromatic smell of fresh beans in the morning is a poise of life. Waking up to happiness in a cup is magical. Whether its straight up; Hot and black, or a twirl of fresh cream or drizzling of a sweetener, Coffee is life

Coffee was introduced into Papua New Guinea as a cash crop during colonization.
Traditionally we are subsistence farmers who farmed for our survival and not for economical purposes. However since introduced, Coffee stayed with us since then and we loved it.

As coffee is a very loved and soothing drink, booster, love and many more descriptive pleasures for different people, it was introduced and farmed on large scales.

The Highlands of the country has the best temperature, conditions and soil for the best coffee production and the coffee taste better in colder climates.

Simple pleasures of life are one of my fortes, hence I have challenged myself to try all the coffee that are produced from my country. And nothing beats the taste of Kongo Coffee.

With its aromatic smell that fills the room, taste that soothes the urging taste buds and satisfaction like no other; it is my personal choice.

I am a Coffee addict or should I say I am Caffeinated as fuck. Whether its ground coffee or beans, it has the influence to change my mood in the morning. Plus the perfect boost for a day and a mind healer if you ask me.

I would not force you but try Papua New Guinea Kofi as we call it and taste it for yourself. You can never regret happiness in a cup.

My travel buddy. Kongo Kofi at Kokopo.

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