The Meaning of Life

Life is a journey that has so many bumps and laughter but the destination is always quite unknown.

There are people who claims that the end is of a Heavenly place with angels, Happiness, singing and lights. While others claims the darkness, torture, screams and demons of hell.

Do we even know 🤔? Do assume to instill fear or Hopefulness?

Life isn’t gonna be great for everyone. Maybe by the definition of good. Like rich, fancy lifestyle, amazing clothes, high level friends, success and achievements. Some people have a measure of how good their lives are, most probably based on a checklist that is heavily influenced by the world.

Others see their lives as failure due to the same measure of wealth, progress and tangible possessions.

Looking at it from a neutral perspective: life is what we make it and how we see it. Happiness is wealth but its a matter of the mind.

Simple pleasures can be derived from small monetary cheap but natural expensive things. Our values should be measured at our own gifts, birthright, customs, identity and fulfillment.

Why should you put your Happiness and pleasures within the spectrum of someone who does not understand you?
Remember: Food is Food, Clothes is Clothes, Sleep is sleep and Happiness is Happiness. Create your own life.

Life is defined by your mental capabilities, your passion and your gifts and not by the world’s spectrum of “Checklist”

Make life more meaningful for you!
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I love Travelling, Taking Pictures, observing my environment and Writing about everything

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