Feed our Faith….

Welcome to Wednesday on my side of the world. The middle of the week and the final lag of my hitch for April 2021.

Well time to switch to the days and work. Do you ever dread a fraction of your life? Or job?

Well this is me, thinking really hard on how my life is, on whats the best path for me as a wild soul

I need realized how much my soul feels empty doing routine tasks. I craved adventures, new experiences and wanderlust.

Personally, I wanna make a living from traveling, writing and meeting new people. Making friends from around the world and memories that would Jumpstart my mind.

I am starting to become bored. Bored with routine, bored with settle people, bored with plain lifestyle and bored with low expectations. I just want to be free from this but the fear of failing.

The Fear that this dream might not work out and I might end up being a tragedy. But I have Faith about my dreams.

Time to feed this faith. Feed it with passion, with love and plans. Jump, jump, jump young lady.

If you dont fall, you will fly.

Published by TitaniumThoughts

I love Travelling, Taking Pictures, observing my environment and Writing about everything

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