Being a female in my Kantri

PNG em mi ya

My country is so diverse and so beautiful that I am proud to be called a Papua New Guinean πŸ‡΅πŸ‡¬

Lately on the news and social media platforms there have been reports of women being killed or raped by our own men.

It is sad that being a women in my country is dangerous. Now; I would not say all men are dangerous cause credit is given to the amazing men who are kind, gentle and who maintain their integrity.

I am just sicken by the immaturity of a few that tarnished the image of what good men are. Those few that strikes fear and anger to the social media population especially women.

When a few men acts so stupidly and demonstrate animalistic behaviors it quickens the mental safety needs of human beings. Some defends such behavior stating cultural obligations.

However men in the past: with no western education, prides themselves in the beauty and attributes of the women they marry or the women they raise. Whether it is a monogamous or polygamous marriage; there is respect.

My culture is rich. Even though christainity is not my cultural religion, my culture encompasses the values that christainity advocates. Therefore I cannot comprehend the behaviors of the few nor the people who are defending their actions.

The likehood of being killed by your husband or partner is higher according to statistics in the United States especially among black people.

Now why is that?

Black people originates from a society of rich culture and high family values. I am assuming that these sickening behaviors are happening due to the cultural drift. Drifting to the Westernized culture without truly understanding it. Adapting the victimized strategy

Why do we try to be westerners in a Eastern Country? Why can’t we just adapt what is practical and maintain the perfection of our traditional cultures that defines us?

Papua New Guinea em mi ya. Let us educated our children and our families to be kind, to tolerate higher family values and maintain the integrity of our humanity.

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