The fulfillment

The path

The journey of one’s life is a magical path of both pain and pleasure.
There are days in your life where happiness is present. Lighting up the days and making the nights so much shorter. Creating a sense of purpose and achievement; making you believe in the good.

And there are days; where everything seems to be collapsing and negativity seems to be the only blame; hitting you like a 24 caliber bullets repeatedly.

Many times, I run through brick walls of doubts. Doubts thats seems surreal that it makes hope looks like a fairy tale.
Doubts has walls higher than the great wall of China and depths deeper than the Mariana Trench. It puts you in a black hole that even Stephen Hawkins wouldn’t explain where to find.

Sometimes Feelings are not worth it because it leaves room for doubts. And that is a empty space of unexplainable self journey.

I hope you find your strength to run your race, disclaiming the doubts, packing on faith and lighting up with hope.

© TitaniumThoughts

Published by TitaniumThoughts

I love Travelling, Taking Pictures, observing my environment and Writing about everything

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