My Soul’s emptiness 🌼🌼

Life is short…….
I have always been weird and different.
I am a mixed feelings human with cravings that no one understands and even I cannot explain myself.

I crave adventures but I wanna go alone.
I crave music but I want to listen to it alone.
I crave poetry but I want to write it myself
I craved great food but I want to cook it myself.
I craved the tiny, off the grid lifestyle but I want to live alone
I complain about being alone but I dont enjoy company.
I craved companionship but I am never satisfied.

I wonder if there is someone out there that understands these feelings?
How can one be this complicated?

I would travel to a different place and not feel lonely. I would takes pictures and smile at people without fear.

Oh how I love my music. Anything depending on my mood would ease me into a galaxy like no other. My mind would wonder off to the skies and beyond.

Writing gives me so much pleasure. I am someone who wouldn’t verbally describe my pain or love but I would write it. Articulation is my Forte.

Writing ease my pain, gives me love, protect my feeling and carry my tears. Notebooks and inks does the magic for me.

Food is a warm welcome to my soul. I find happiness in my cooking. I find love when I cook for others. The chop, the peel, the roast and bakes just sparks a fire in me.

Living a bohemian lifestyle with a rustic setting is my goals. Off the grid with my soul mate, watching our children grow up, free from the toxicity of the world. Maybe we cannot protect them but may we teach them kindness, love, care, Art and Creativity living.

Companionship: I craved to be with someone that talks about deep thoughts, classical history, music, fire place tea, dirty sex, filty touch and a whole rounded gentleman. I crave a match that doesn’t match me but I fit perfectly with him.

My soul longs for forever in a minute, trust in eternity and love without limits. I am alone

© TitaniumThoughts

Published by TitaniumThoughts

I love Travelling, Taking Pictures, observing my environment and Writing about everything

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