Educating my Independent Kantri!

Meri PNG 🇵🇬

Hailing from one of the most beautiful and culturally riched nation in the Pacific region has its sparks.

Fairly new to the western influnce but rapidly absorbing the changes has causes alot of confusion, acceptance and reactive living. Now one might say, its been over 100 years since we have been discovered or lets say have the first contact from the outside world but have we needed to be discovered?

The rich cultural aspect of the country has a tremendous effect of how we precieve changes. Yes we have education, we have educated people but does our concept of things been educated? Or is this just paper education because its an accepted adopted concept?

I personally have no ill thought towards the way we are however i do believe that we have to accept the state of mind that we are in. The Truth and not the egotistical version of the life that was bestowed upon our fore fathers.

Change is inevitable! But we can decide on the amount of change we take on. The purpose of the political independence that we have pridely got on September 16th 1975, is to give us the right to make desicions on such changes, on how much we can tolerate.

Yes we complain about financial independence, development and corruption but we are not ready. We blame everyone, every situation and every prospect that we can but REFUSE to blame OURSELVES. We have to accept our current state of truth and work with it.

We didnt shred blood and sweat for our independence and maybe it is affecting our thought process into thinking that our privileges are the same as our Rights. Accepting my truth, is accepting my future.

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