Hey Papa, Do you miss us? Part 1


A father’s position in the family is the most important status in a society. It gives identity and foundation to the human life.

In today’s society, Fathers are given less to no pride about their position in the community; mainly in the family unit.

In th past, being a man comes with a certain pride and prestige. There were more praises given to a male birth, a family with many sons or a lass being married off to a strong man. However this pride has cease to exist in today’s society.

Now, many may agrue that this is for the good that equality is finally being given to everyone however, what is equality? what constitute of equality?

Being born a female in this world has its twilight zones, you were raised to cook, clean, carry after everyone and to basically priortise everyone’s needs and wants. So selfless, one might say? But the love being reciprocated? how can that be measured?

Being born a male is different, you had to protect, care and cultivate the group. However, you were given a pedestal because of your gender, growing up. Now who said it was a pedestal? Is the pressure or judgement that comes with leadership being measured?

There is no fairness in our gender but then there is no equal product from the responsible that it given to us neither.

Our resposibility is solely dependent on our sex which was determined during conception hence equality does not exist within this realm; only acceptance.

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