🌻Monthly Doses🌻

A Women’s Period: Magical beauty stages

Entering this world; being the Radiant jewel of your family. The center of attention with adoration, playful toys and colorful attires.

Entering puberty era with changes to your body; Hips so full, breast so full and waist getting smaller.

When the first experience happens. Traditionally, you’ll be celebrated and educated with the modesty of being a woman. Modernly, you’ll be educated and given the vast options of female products to choose from.

Entering this monthly beauty period, it becomes the norm. You glow up, you become fairer and the most beautiful version of yourself because it does comes with acne, abnormal pains and mood swings. You take the good and the bad

Entering the Older Adolescence era; the world is your oyster
Opportunities to be stylist, opportunities of finding your balance and what you want in life. You might be continually blessed with acne, abnormal pains and mood swings.

Entering womanhood; Era of stability, character & home creating.
Settling with peace of mind and a pregnancy test or two might not be evitable. The beauty of having or missing your period contributes to the replenishing of mother earth’s population is a total phenomenon.

And now you’re Entering Menopause; it starts to weather away. The energy drains and your mood changes once more. Your monthly beauty periods tends to skips its patterns and eventually never returns.
You are relived of your fruitiness but you have become the paragon of what a human being is.🌻

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