Adversities of …….

There is a important aspect that we all should learn from the crisis that we face in our lives.

The adversities that comes our way has both good and bad benefits that we can utilize to grow. I personally believe that growth in this life gives us purpose to achieve what we were placed in this world to gain.

Imagine a world, where there is no problems, trials, tears that drowns your emotional being or the day-to-day struggles that we have? It would be a world where there is confusion because we wouldn’t know what we were placed on this world to do, we wouldn’t know what our purposes are, and we certainly will not have any form of ideas to be better.

The adversity that you face today is your stepping stone for the success that you will gain tomorrow. If we learn to embrace the bad moments of our lives, change it to become the stepping stone of our future: then we have lived lives as human beings. As beautiful souls that were created in the universe as a form of conduit to allow the energy to flow through and to affect our environment.

I pray that you find the power to see the positive in things, things that are considered bad and use it as a weapon to better yourself without destroying another soul.

Always remember that everyone has a battle, it may look smaller than yours but it may be greater than yours.

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I love Travelling, Taking Pictures, observing my environment and Writing about everything

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