Creating Your Lifestyle

We are capable

There is a force that allows our existence on this earth. Choosing the best moment for our survival and creating the influences that surrounds us.

Whether you believe in a God or the universe, we all feel the vibe of that invisible aurora that pushes life as we live it.

The challenges that you face are predetermined to be yours and yours alone. Many of us think that your challenges are greater that that person next to you BUT

We are all born with different strengths, abilities and durability. What is thrown your way is pre-determined to suit your abilities to handle it. Do you ever sit back and applauded yourself for how far you’ve come?

For instance, someone maybe a house wife with 3 kids. People from afar might think that she cannot get a job but little do people know that it takes a army to run that household but which she is managing single-handly. There might be another person with no kids, which people might “When will he/she have kids?” But little do people know that she/he doesnt have the patiences for children.

We are all capable of living the life that we have otherwise, what is the point of our existance. Purposes should have a broader category then the ones that was customized by Historical influences.

However lets not forget that complaining is a form of defensive mechanism and judgement is a form of denial because we alll think that the race is same.

My Papa use to say ” So run the race that Ye may obtain your crown”

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I love Travelling, Taking Pictures, observing my environment and Writing about everything

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